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Stained Glass

All brands listed here can be used for stained glass but only some can be used for fusing. See our fusing glass glass below. We offer everything from small sheets to very large sheets that can be used for both personal and commercial projects.


We currently only ship glass that is less then 24" x 32". To get the best shipping price you should order in multiples of 5 of the approximate same size. You can also order in multiples of 12 of the approximate same size can get a slightly better rate. 

Our search engine

Our search engine is a very powerful tool that can cut down the time you spend searching for glass. You can customize your search by brand, price, color, type (visibility and color mix), texture and fusing coefficient. It shows a SQFT listing that has the price per SQFT so you can quickly compare prices of different glass (however because the glass is cut into different sizes the price will be calculated to the size of the glass based off of the SQFT rate). Click on the SQFT listing to see all available sheet sizes, sales and description. Glass sorted by color includes if the glass has any of that color by default. It can and will include options that may have little or lots of that color in a mix of others. You can narrow the glass down to only one color by selecting the following under Glass Type - Single/Multiple Colors & Transparency Options and checking off cathedral (transparent) single color, opalescent (non-translucent) single color and clear.

Get started by visiting this link here or keep scrolling for some preset search inquiries.

Sorted by manufacturer

Glass Brand Typical small glass sheet size Typical Full Stock Sheet Size
Oceanside Glass 11"x12", 12"x12" 24"x48"
Bullseye Glass 10"x17.5" 20"x35"
Youghiogheny Glass 12"x18" 24"x36"
Kokomo Glass 14"x16", 16"x16" 32"x42", 32"x32"
Van Gogh Glass 12"x12"
Wissmach Glass 14"x16", 16"x16" 32"x42", 32"x32"


Other Glass Categories

You may be also interested in Architectural Glass and Cabinet Glass for commercial purposes. 

Sorted by color

For Fusing Sorted by Fusing Coefficient

This glass is fusing rated and can fuse with other same coefficient glass to create unique sheets after being fired in a kiln.

Fusing Coefficient 90 Bullseye
Fusing Coefficient 96 Oceanside and Wissmach