We are currently in full operation with the exception that access to our building is by appointment only. Four of our key personnel are vulnerable to this virus and we are committed to following all of CDC guidelines. Appointments are for certain situations like repairs. Call us at 210-733-8161 to see availability. Whenever you exit your vehicle you must have: • A tight fitting masks • Gloves • No symptoms of COVID 19 For Pickup or Drop Offs: • Remain in your vehicle when our employees enters and exits the pickup drop off zone (near cones) • Wait 30 seconds for the door to fully close between the interior of the facility and pickup/drop off location • Communicate with us by calling us at 210-733-8161 - do not come within 6 feet of our doors In addition, for appointments... • You must follow all the above • Have already setup an appointment by calling 210-733-8161 and checking availability • Pass a forehead temperature check 6 feet away from the door